Ken Knoblauch wrote to inform me that Springer has just released a book he coauthored with Larry Maloney on statistical methods in psychophysics. The book is called “Modeling Psychophysical Data in R” and covers both classical psychophysical analyses (Signal Detection Theory) and more recent methods (e.g. Mixed Models). Ken was one of the first in the field to see the connection between psychophysical theory and Generalised Linear Models, which is a pretty big deal IMHO.

I had an early look at some of the book’s chapters and as far as I remember they were clearly written and had lots of fully worked-out R examples. I’ll write more when I’ve had a chance to look at the finished product, but I’m sure the book will be useful to people who do work in vision, audition, etc. and wish to expand their data analysis toolkit.

Link to the book’s webpage at Springer.

Disclaimer: I know both Ken and Larry quite well, they’re likely to review my work/grant applications in the future, etc.