Imagine a world in which people are taught that there’s two kinds of counting: there’s potato-counting, and there’s counting other stuff (beans, points, cards, etc.) Potatoes are special, so that potato-counting gets its own courses, under the name “Kartoffelanalysis”. When you take a Kartoffelanalysis 101 course, nobody mentions that you could use the same techniques to count other objects. Potatoes are special and unique. More advanced students learn that there are special techniques for counting a mix of potatoes and other things, and these sophisticated techniques are called Mixed Kartoffelanalysis. Only a select few ever learn that counting potatoes works pretty much the same way as counting other stuff.

Does this sound not quite right in the head? How about we start telling people that 99.9% of the time, an ANOVA is just a linear model? Than an ANCOVA is also just a linear model with a mix of categorical and continuous covariates? These things don’t need any fancy words or their own SPSS menu, anymore than we need special bicycles for people with blond hair. Also, please stop putting ANOVA tables in papers, nobody cares. Show us the data, for God’s sake.